Rice Water Hair Care

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Have you ever heard of rice water shampoo and conditioner?

It may sound like something Mother Nature herself whipped up to help us all, but it’s actually an age-old tradition in Asian cultures. Rice water is the byproduct left over after washing or cooking with rice.

It has been used for centuries because of its strengthening abilities on hair, but it has been outside the mainstream until very recently. Celebrities have been using rice water on their hair and encouraging others to do so too. With many shampoos and conditioners containing chemicals that damage our skin and hair, rice water shampoo is a natural alternative that can bring back strength to dry or damaged hair.

Rice Water Shampoo

When rice water is used as shampoo and conditioner, it can bring shine and manageability to hair. It enhances both the body and luster of hair by building its outer protective layer, helping restore strength to dry or brittle strands.

Rice water’s nutrients such as magnesium, iron, vitamin B complex, vitamin E and other essential minerals are very beneficial for stimulating hair growth, nourishing the scalp and repairing damage due to tangles or heat styling.

Both rice water shampoo and rice water conditioner has been gaining popularity among celebrities and people alike because it provides a detoxifying effect on the scalp and hair. It cleanses, clarifies, strengthens, conditions, enhances shine and stimulates hair growth without harsh ingredients, chemicals or additives.

Rice Water Conditioner

It is also relatively inexpensive compared to other hair care products in the market today. Affordable healthy shampoo and conditioner is here!

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Rice Water Benefits for Hair Care

Rice water is an age-old remedy for many ailments. From soothing sunburns to combating acne, rice has been used as a homeopathic treatment for centuries. And now, new research shows that it might be the perfect solution to your dry and damaged hair woes!

10 Reasons Rice Water is Great for Hair!

If you are looking for a new hair care routine, consider using rice water. The benefits of rice water on your hair include: It leaves the scalp feeling cool and refreshed. It can help to improve scalp health by removing toxins from the scalp that contribute to dandruff and itchiness.
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